2017 - 2020 ARTIST

Digital exhibition project during the confiment in 2020 - link between Switzerland and Paris on the theme of nature

In collaboration with Art Hop Polis project at the Cité universitaire de Paris and the Fondation suisse / Pavillon Le Corbusier


Laureate of the Program « les résidences d’artistes de l’Etat du Valais » : 

January-June 2019, Fondation suisse/Pavillon Le Corbusier - Paris - France

Project: Nature is part of us - Personnal exhibition at Le Corbusier - 5 juin au 21 juillet 2019


Atelier coworking at Fabrik2 - artistic experimentation - Monthey - Switzerland

Fashion freelance & consulting : Bourgeoisie de St-Maurice - Switzerland

Artistic mandates - realization of paintings and illustrations for clients - Switzerland - Italy

Decoration and permanent exhibition of paintings from an energetic care practice - Bex - Switzerland

Collaboration with @Alexanderjackert influencer of contemporary Art - Instagram


2015 - 2017 FASHION TEACHER 

Teacher : fabrics knowledges - fashion design - concept collection - Eracom - Lausanne

Laureate of the Programme des résidences d’artistes de l’Etat du Valais:
Paris, January - June 2014, Fondation suisse / Pavillon Le Corbusier (CIUP)
Project: The Dialectic of Art and Fashion

Freelance stylist collaboration with Heavens Genève (luxury women’s wear)
Freelance stylist at Atelier du Sartel (luxury men’s wear) - Paris
Freelance designer at Concept & Research SAGL (luxury men’s wear) - Tessin Switzerland
Stylist for «Surface», Franco Mento Contemporary Show - Valais, Switzerland
Coordinator of creation methodology - CRTO - Valais, Switzerland




Art photography
Vintage fashion
Mood concept of a collection
Creation of «mood boards»

Technical drawings:
Technical drawings for model charts; Pants/suits/jackets/shirts
Total look Couture/MTM.

Creative drawings:
Sketches for Zegna 100th anniversary
Contest for WWD (American journal) for Barack Obama’s endorsement
Sketches and research for a jacket for conductors
Creation of total looks for contests and projects for luxury hotels and casinos


From style to models:
Research, prototype jackets, suits, pants
Drawings, fashioning study and preparation of new models
Construction details of clothes combined by related matching fabrics and accessories
Creation of a new line or unique items
Cooperation, daily contacts and feed-back from pattern makers based in Switzerland at Consitex and in Venice at Incotex

Choice of noble and natural fabrics for the trousers’s collection
Research on exclusive colors;
Creation of new items;
Cooperation with suppliers and management of all processes.

Accessories :
Responsible for accessories, cooperation with over 10 suppliers of accessories for the creation of exclusive materials to enhance the value of collections: lining, buttons, ribbons and reps, leather details, trimming, etc.
Study on labels for all different items in cooperation with the Marketing department

Follow-up of collections from their creation to sales
Creation of trousers: collections for Sartoria/Couture lines: structure of the collection: 200 fabrics, 20 models, target : 40.000/45.000 items/season
Launch of sample items for all Zegna show-rooms
Cooperation with head of style and with merchandising team for the creation of total looks (compulsory buying project for all DOS);
Costs: analysis
Creation of new fabrics for new models
Sales: analysis
Deep knowledge of the markets and creation of the collection respecting different climates (trans-seasonal fabrics) and market’s
specific needs
Business Week: video-making, preparation of collection’s concepts to be communicated to buyers of DOS and wholesale boutiques
Creation of Matching items for internal Fashion shows and shooting
Casting for internal Fashion shows and Fitting
Cooperation with the Visual department for the Show-room display during the sales campaigns